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On this page, in the future, I will be sharing blog posts and videos on various topics related to the human body, fascia, new studies and everything behind Structural Bodywork and movement.

"The Diaphragm - Structure & Function

For anyone interested in the anatomy, structure and function of the diaphragm, the diaphragm. In my opinion a beautiful structure that can be influenced in various ways by eg posture.
I originally made this video as an assignment for my ATSI study part 3 in Australia.

The Fuzz Speech

"The Fuzz Speech", by Gil Hedley has become a hugely popular video, in which Gil explains what "the fuzzz" and fascia is, and what it does to our bodies. Note: in this video some images of cadavers are shown. If you can't handle this well, skip this video!

Why Does Massage Hurt?

A clear explanation from Tom Myers, author, heart and brain behind Anatomy Trains Structural Integration.

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