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"Whether it concerns a (long-term or recurring) pain complaint,
or that you would want to feel more comfortable in your body...

I see it as a privilege and challenge to look together at what is going on for you."



About Christel

My name is Christel Hendriks, and I graduated in 2011 as a physiotherapist at the Hogeschool Utrecht. After 4.5 years of working as a physiotherapist in The Netherlands, I noticed that I was looking for a more expansive view and approach in my profession, which I couldn't find in the current physiotherapeutic Master specializations that are taught in the Netherlands.

During a sabbatical in 2015, I travelled for a more extended time and started deepening my Yoga- and meditation practice in Nepal and Bali. It was Nepal, where I left my heart when experiencing the devastating earthquake in 2015 and all its effects. After returning to The Netherlands, I felt I should follow my gut-feeling and decided to quit my job to return to Nepal. I started my project MUNIMUNI from there and combined this with deepening my yoga- and meditation practice.
Since 2016 I have travelled extensively to work with MUNIMUNI in Nepal, deepen my yoga- and meditation practice, and joined several Yoga Teacher Trainings myself. After my advanced training, I was asked by one of my teachers to start teaching in Teacher Trainings myself. I loved sharing my passion and taught Anatomy and Therapeutic use of Yoga and Yin Yoga in several Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali, India and Vietnam. 
Because of Yin Yoga, my interest in this field of fascia grew more and more.

In recent years I have studied and specialized more in this fascial field in Fremantle, Australia. I followed Anatomy Trains Structural Integration courses for hands-on manual work and Slings Myofascial Training courses, focusing on fascial movement education. 
I use this experience in my work as a physiotherapist and in the separate Structural Bodywork and Yoga & Slings Myofascial Training sessions.

I enjoy working with clients in practice and the continuous deepening I find in teaching and sharing knowledge and experience with fellow therapists.

I have certainly found the depth and expansive view I was looking for, and I am more enthusiastic and engaged than ever in my profession. I see it as a privilege and challenge to work with you as a client to look at what is going on in your body and your life. How can we work together, on the way to recovery, towards balance, and bring back that feeling of comfort and ease in your body? Let's find out...

Besides my work with PHYSI.YOGA, I am still very enthusiastic about the project I started in Nepal, MUNIMUNI . I work with several women's organizations in Nepal, including, Fair Trade organizations, as well as smaller NGOs spread across the country. I try to build a bridge between the makers of the products and the customer. Read more about MUNIMUNI here.


For a complete overview of education and courses followed, see here:

I am BIG registered as a Physiotherapist and a member of the professional association KNGF. 
In addition, I have obtained diplomas in Structural Integration and ScarWork Therapy, with which I can officially call myself Structural Integration Practitioner and ScarWork Therapist, and work under this name.

BIG registration: 69914217204

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Structural Integration Bodywork

Structural Bodywork/ Structural Integration

What can Structural Integration do for you? It is a form of manual therapy, in which we combine myofascial manual therapy, the use of touch, together with movement. Embodiment education is key.  

therapeutic myofascial bodywork

Therapeutic Myofascial Bodywork

Therapeutic Myofascial Bodywork are separate treatment sessions in which I combine my knowledge and experience as a physiotherapist with specialization in myofascial techniques.

ScarWork Therapy

Do you have scars, either recent, or older scars? Do you experience dyscomfort from this, such as a pulling sensation, limited mobility or changes in sensitivity? Read more about what ScarWork Therapy can do for you

ScarWork Therapy
ScarWork Therapy

Self Myofascial Release

Want to learn more around self-care and what you can do yourself, for your own body? We will create an individualized program, combining (Yin) Yoga and Self-Myofascial Release techniques with the Yoga Tune Up balls, to work on your goals. Whether it is improved mobility, work on your posture or a certain injury or pain problem. After the sessions you will receive an individualized exercise program in the app PhysiTrack.  

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Self Myofascial Release Shop

Do you want to get started with the Yoga Tune Up balls yourself? You will find both the Yoga Tune Up balls, the Therapy Ball Plus and Coregeous balls in the shop.

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