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Structural Bodywork 3-Series - Intake + Session 1

120 min


Structural Bodywork 3-Series Follow-up Session (2 or 3)

+- 100 min.


Package Structural Bodywork 3-Series
(opening discount August & September)


  • 1x intake 120 min

  • 2x sessions of +- 100 min.

instead of 430 euros, now as a package for only


Package Structural Bodywork 3-Series + Movement Education 
(opening discount August & September)


  • 1x intake 120 min  

  • 2x sessions of +- 100 min.,  

  • 1x Yoga & Slings Myofascial Training 90 min 
    (Individual exercise program based on the Structural Bodywork 3 series for further maintenance)

instead of 550 euros, now as a package for only


(comes under Max Health Care )

Regular physiotherapy session

30 min.


Intake/Inquiry (with or without referral)

60 min.  



Structural Bodywork sessions are not reimbursed from the additional insurance. You can pay the costs of this invoice directly by Pin, iDeal, or by bank transfer.


In 2021, Max Health Care has concluded contracts with all health insurers.
If you don't have additional insurance for Physiotherapy, the costs for the sessions will be for your own account. You will receive an invoice from us, which must be paid via Pin directly after the appointment. The reimbursement you receive depends on the type of policy you have chosen. For more information about the insurance policies and associated reimbursements for non-contracted care, please refer to your health insurer. For further details on the reimbursements, please visit this website. We recommend that you contact your health insurer for more information.

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