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Slightly larger than the original Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls, the Therapy Ball PLUS pair of self-massage balls measure about 2 3/4" in diameter and were developed by popular demand. They cover more surface area and add height to obtain a greater depth Use them in their custom designed snug-grip mesh tote for spine rolls (top of the neck, down to the sacrum), as well as IT band & thigh rolls and so much more!


our  Therapy Ball PLUS  self massage balls  are made from a special rubber that allows you to work out adhesions and tension, ultimately offering an exceptional deep tissue massage experience. By utilizing the various sequences and techniques found in The Roll Model® Method with a set of  Therapy Ball PLUS self-massage balls , you can learn to accurately identify pain blind spots and begin to prevent future discomfort. the  self massage balls  themselves offer great strength and grip to help you penetrate through layers of skin and muscle and target difficult-to-reach areas. Pain conditions that can be improved with a set of  Therapy Ball PLUS  balls include TMJ/tight jaw, frozen shoulder, sciatica & back pain, IT band syndrome, migraine headaches and more. Enhance your existing self-care routine, relieve yourself of physical discomfort, and begin to live more comfortably in your body with a set of  Therapy Ball Plus self-massage balls  from Tune Up Fitness.



Yoga Therapy Ball Plus

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  • Diameter: each ball 7 cm. These Therapy balls are slightly larger than the original Yoga Tune Up Balls
    Weight: 278 grams
    Color: Blue
    Material: natural rubber, very grippy, perfect hardness for treating painful points.
    Package contents: 2 balls in a practical tote bag for a gentle treatment.

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